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Château de Launay , Lombron , France
France > Region Pays de la Loire
Chateau, Bedroom(s): 6, Sleeps: 18
The Château de Launay is an historic 15th and 18th century castle, which has been thoroughly restored. Its renaissance architecture is typical of many châteaux of the Loire region.
Château de Joyeux, Joyeux, France
France > Region Rhone-Alpes
Chateau, Bedroom(s): 6, Sleeps: 8
From the Château de Joyeux, in the heart of the Dombes region, you can admire a "Jardin à la française", numerous lakes and, further a field, stunning views over "le Bugey", the Alps...
Château de Fayolle, Saussignac , France
France > Region Aquitaine
Chateau, Bedroom(s): 5, Sleeps: 10
Château de Fayolle, a romantic 15th century stone château with views across the Dordogne valley, is set amongst the vine-covered, gently undulating countryside south of Bergerac.
Château de Crazannes, Crazannes , France
France > Region Poitou-Charentes
Chateau, Bedroom(s): 5, Sleeps: 10
Magnificent listed Château built during the 11th and 15th centuries in the middle of a large Park. The Château de Crazannes is entirely restored and sumptuously furnished.
Château de la Bourgonie, Le Buisson, France
France > Region Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
Chateau, Bedroom(s): 7, Sleeps: 12
In its green haven of about 30 hectares, La Bourgonie and its traditional interior courtyard date back to the 15th century and are built on a slope overlooking the Dordogne.
Château de Clerac, Clerac , France
France > Region Aquitaine
Chateau, Bedroom(s): 8, Sleeps: 17
Château de Clérac, also known as Château de l'Espie, is just 30 mins north of Bordeaux, in the village of Clérac. It's the ideal get-away for those who want to experience the rich..
Chateau d'Aragon, Aragon
France > Region Languedoc-Roussillon
Chateau, Bedroom(s): 6, Sleeps: 12
Château d'Aragon dates from two periods. The construction of the Château started in the XII century and was then rebuilt and modified considerably during the XVII century.